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Authentic Thai Cuisine in Seattle, WA

There are good reasons why so many people say Thai cuisine is the best food in the world. If you live in Seattle, WA, or the surrounding areas, find out why at Kinnaree Thai Cuisine.

One of the most popular dishes served at our Thai restaurant is pad Thai. If you’ve never had this delicious Thai food meal, it’s a dish of stir-fried rice noodles combined with either chicken or shrimp, as well as egg, tofu, and peppers. While this dish may seem simple, our specialty spices and fresh ingredients make it unique to even the most seasoned Thai food aficionados. Just order a bowl of our popular Pad Thai and prepare to receive more noodles than you can eat in one sitting.

We understand there are other Thai food restaurants offering egg rolls in King County, but none of them do it like Kinnaree Thai Cuisine. Using the freshest meats, handmade dough, and secret combination of herbs and spices, you’ll be amazed by the eruption of flavors transpiring inside your mouth following the first bite. Order an individual plate as an appetizer or place a larger order to satisfy the entire family. Achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction is our main concern, so know we’ll go above and beyond the ensure our egg rolls are served just the way you like them.

Why settle for interior Thai food when our restaurant is conveniently located on West McGraw Street? Bring your appetites and we’ll provide your money’s worth of authentic Thai cuisine. That’s a promise we take pride in keeping.

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